About Ecocycle Ghana Ltd

Ecocycle Ghana Ltd is a social enterprise which operates in waste management, water and renewable energy industries. At Ecocycle, we apply commercial strategies, in the provision of products and services in line with our interest to maximize the improvement of human and environmental well-being. We employ simple but innovative eco-friendly technologies to tackle sanitation, health and environmental issues incur by the lack of in-house safe toilet systems as well as issues pose by sporadic water flow.

Alongside our commercial activities, we design educative campaign to enlighten communities on better approaches to manage waste and safeguard the environment. In focusing on providing the highest quality care, we have partnered with various banks to offer affordable and flexible financing schemes to our customers.

Our corporate vision is to be a benchmark social enterprise in the sub-Saharan Africa providing a simple but innovative eco-friendly cutting edge solutions that improves human and environmental well-being.

Ecocycle Ghana Ltd is currently situated in Kumasi, Ghana, but operates across the nation. Our doors are opened to both local and international clients and partners who want to do business with us.

Ecocycle Ghana ltd currently has set its fecal waste management section in operation across Ghana. Under this section, we design and construct,

  • Biogas Plants : produces bio methane gas for cooking
  • Bio-Composter : a composting toilet system
  • Water : With a team of expertise together with the latest drilling technology, we provide clean and safe drinking water to our clients at an affordable price and flexible financing scheme. This is to say clients can get water today and pay over time.

Our doors are open to both local and international clients and partners who want to do business with us.

Motto: Giving waste a second life